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Media Buying


Media Buying Expert

A lot of what Sarah does is media buying! Which is the down and dirty negotiations to get her client the absolute best deals for ad spots on the radio, television and other marketing channels. Which is quite the challenge sometimes, but there’s nothing more important than having your message heard by the right people. Which is why Wizard of Ads – Sarah Klenke offers each client media buys free of charge. The media buy is a vital part of a marketing campaign, in order to ensure you reach the right people with your message involves a lot of research and negotiating for your company’s perfect buy.


Some people always ask…

Who are the right people? What is the right station or channel? What is the best format? That is where the Wizard of Ads and Sarah Klenke come in… The truth is it takes in-depth research, a lot of phone calls, some wheeling and dealing,and often some Wizard of Ads magic. There’s actually a lot of effort in negotiating that goes into our media buys, because it’s truly all about the clients and making sure they get the best deals for their budget. Each client has different needs, a different audience and every individual media should reflect that. With every business’ “right channel” being unique to their marketing needs, it is vital that sufficient research is done. In order to get the right radio station, online radio outlet, TV station or billboard always takes a thorough media buy investigation. This involves an in depth study of your market, market potential, the media available and then each individual time spot for the stations. These extensive studies show the stations that offer the best audience at the best price for each client.

Sarah does a lot of media buying for Wizard of Ads clients, both on her own accounts as well as some up for her Wizard of Ads partners’ accounts. It’s definitely a bonus that Wizard of Ads offers media buys for our clients, having a skilled media buyer negotiate not only ensures that our clients get the right price, but also the right audience. They are negotiated in specific time spots so as a client, you know when your ads are running and who is listening.

So what’s the secret to getting these amazing deals your company, just contact us to find out!


Sarah Has Bought Media In:

San Antonio, TX | Peoria, IL | Tyler, TX | Champaign, IL | Porland, OR | Longview, TX | Moncton, NB | Runnells, IA | Des Moines, IA | Olympia, WA | Fredericton, NB | Littlefield, TX | Edmonton, AB | Atlanta, GA | Phoenix, AZ | Newark, DE | Dallas, TX | Little Rock, AR | Sussex, WI | Jupiter-Tequesta, FL | Langley, BC | Edina, MN Las Vegas, NV Sterling, VA | Wilmington, DE | Philadelphia, PA | League City, TX | Seattle, WA | Halifax, NS Regina, SK Newmarket, ON | Vernon, BC