Myers Briggs In Business Class

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Myers Briggs In Business

Previously this class has only been offered to Sarah Klenke’s personal clients, now it is available to everybody. Through Jungian Psychology the Myers Briggs Type Indicator categorizes people into 4 temperaments (0r 16 personality types) which can then be used to communicate with individuals in their preferred ways. This knowledge is priceless in customer service, as well as amongst employee interaction.

This class will teach your staff to pick up on acute signs that will direct them in the way to appropriately interact with each individual customers as they naturally preferred. Talk about your customer service! This gives your business as an advantage that the competition definitely won’t have. Companies such as General Motors and Disney have been using Myers Briggs as a tool in their business for over a decade. Are you ready to learn how it changed their business culture and how it can do the same for yours?

(60-90 min average time. Can be customized for your specific needs.)