Public Speaking

Public speaking

Once upon a time someone told me that the best way to learn is by asking someone who already knows everything about what intrigues you. I do truly believe in this way of learning, so naturally if I have something to teach, I am eager to find listeners willing to learn. If you are interested you are always welcome check out my presentations to learn little something new or let me remind you of some things you’ve forgotten.

My talk can range from small business marketing do’s and don’ts to Myers-Briggs type assessment and organizations, or a hybrid of both! These topics can be successfully applied to any business located on our lovely planet earth. I currently have the following four talks subjects that I am presenting around the United States…


Online Marketing 101 (45-60 min average talk time.)

Small Business Marketing Do’s And Don’ts (45-60 min average time.)

Myers Briggs In Business (60-90 min average time.)

Character Branding For Small Businesses (30-45 min average time.)

Sarah is currently giving these four classes around the country in both public and private settings. Contact us or check Sarah’s Calendar for more information on how you can attend one of these classes!