Myers Briggs In Business


Myers Briggs & Customer Service

The Myers Briggs Type Instrument is a tool used to identify a person’s preferred method of communication, both receiving information and delivering information. This is an extremely use full tool in business too. Allowing employees to better understand how they interact with others, as well as how to interact with customers in ways that they prefer. This gives businesses a huge advantage with their customer service. By interacting with customers as they prefer your business can master the customer experience. This ultimately creates a business environment that promotes customer loyalty!


Myers Briggs & Co-Worker Cohesion

Just as each customer has preferred ways of communication, so make each employee as well. We even have an interactive class that help co-workers learn how what they each prefer. Knowing how to communicate with co-workers in the ways they prefer can be a powerful tool in the workplace. It can eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings, as well as build a bond that can improve your staff’s ability to work as a team. It’s always an incredibly eye opening experience to see staff members get to know each other better on such a deep level. Companies like General Motors and Disney have used Myers Briggs based knowledge to improve their company’s production and team work abilities for more than a decade!