Myers Briggs


Myers Briggs Type Instrument

What can we learn from knowing someone else’s personality type? A lot! Like how they get their energy, how they work through the decision-making process, how they prefer to be communicated with and even how they deal with stressful situations. Or more importantly (in marketing) how to write ads for each personality type to receive the best responses.

Right, so one test is going to tell you all this? Actually, yeah it can…

The Myers Briggs Type Instrument is an incredible tool, especially in the business environment. Based on Jungian psychology, MBTI assesses different personality types based on four dichotomies. It’s only purpose is to uncover an individual’s preference, in other words, it’s not directed towards psychological health. There even a number of companies, like Disney that actively involve Myers-Briggs into their work environment in order for their employees to reach their full potential. Knowing their individual’s preferences and those of the people around them can help with work cohesion, increasing production and customer relations. Marketing a business starts with the business itself, are you who your ads  say you are, or is that just who you want to be? Your business is its own best marketing tool, advertisements can bring in the clients, but the business experience will keep them coming back.

The Myers-Briggs personality type can even be used to write copy for websites, ads and even commercials! So you can actually be communicating with all your potential customers in their preferred form of communication. What better way to bring the customers in and connect with them each the best? Exactly!

Being certified in Myers Briggs Type Instrument has been very opening in the nearly limitless uses that it truly has. There’s so many areas of a business where perception can make a difference in how an individual reacts and interacts with different situations. Having an understanding of your personality type and how to interact with people in the way that they prefer can make all the difference in your business.