Tricks To Marketing On A Small Budget

      A few weeks ago I was featured in a video for the American Small Business Institute here in Austin, Texas. During this interview, I had an amazing opportunity to speak with the vice chancellor of the Wizard Academy, Daniel Whittington, about marketing on a small budget. This is […]

A Business Full of Passion, Is Also Full of Profits!

We all know the business owners who eat, sleep and drink their company. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The one’s who plaster it as their Facebook cover photo, smacking it on their car as a bumper sticker and possibly even hashtags their business name on every single social […]

The Biggest Misconception In Marketing!

There are a lot of misconceptions about advertising! In my opinion, this one tops them all! It can ruin your ad budget, squander your business profits and even diminish your customer loyalty.

Marketing Trick Lands Business Months of Photo Content & Customers For Life

“Abracadabra! All of your problems have been solved!” Don’t we all wish marketing was that easy? I know most business owners do! In fact, there is a very common misconception about marketing that is derived from our society’s need for instant gratification. This misconception is that marketing is like a […]

How Brandable Chunks Effect Branding Success

You know those brand slogans that get stuck in your head for years? Even just the first few notes of the jingle and you know what is coming next! Those are examples of successful brandable chucks! Brandable chunks is a term that was coined by the Wizard of Ads Partners, […]

Branding Secrets Behind Blogging, Social Media and SEO!

  Blogging & social media are incredibly powerful marketing tools for any business aiming at increasing their exposure and SEO results. Here is a quick 5 minute webinar that I did through to teach business owners about how blogging and media can organically help business grow and increase awareness among […]

How Blogging Can Increase Your Business Success!

Blogging is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for any business aiming at increasing their exposure and SEO results. Here is a quick 5 minute webinar that I did through to teach business owners about how blogging can help their business grow and increase awareness among their target market. For more information […]

The Five Steps To Nailing Business SEO

Countless businesses around the world are aiming at increasing their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through various means, both organically and purchased. With so many ways to increase SEO, how does a business owner new to the SEO game know which routes to choose? Here is a simple 5 step process for […]

The Anatomy Of A Great Blog Post!

The bold, crisp scent of coffee fills her office as the sun starts to peak over the Texas hill country horizon. As the sunlight fills the room, Suzy finds herself taking a seat at her neatly organized desk, with everything was in place and ready for her to be as productive as […]

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Increase Your Business Exposure!

What exactly is business exposure? Honestly, business exposure refers to potential customers coming in contact with your business in some way. This can be through passing your storefront on their commute, seeing advertisements across town or even through online web searches. The best strategy is to make sure that your business […]