Who are the infamous Wizard of Ads Partners? 

Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads himself, has selected the most creative minds in the marketing world to become his Partners. This exclusive group of marketing experts are hand chosen based off their unique variety of skills. These skills include (but are certainly not limited to)… marketing strategy, ad writing, website construction, media buying, customer service, content creation, direct mailing, event planning, Google AdWords, retargeting ads, video production, online marketing, social media presence, public relations, non-profit marketing and even implementation of Myers Briggs in businesses.


How Does a Business Land A Team Of Wizard Of Ads Experts?

It’s simple! Contact us with your business information and we will put together the ultimate team of marketing experts based on your business’ unique needs. We understand that each business is different, this is why we hand pick our team of experts based off of your marketing budget, goals, and the overall campaign. We literally have an expert in every specialty that marketing has to offer. This means there is an opportunity for your business to have a one-of-a-kind team of experts focused on helping your company succeed. Whatever your business’ dreams are, we have the professionals to help you achieve it!


How Does Wizard of Ads Differ From An Ad Agency?

If you are looking for an ad agency, you have landed on the wrong website! We are and never will be an ad agency. In fact, the way the Wizard of Ads is setup is the complete opposite. We are client driven, not profit driven. Ad agencies often reuse an arsenal of ads, website copy and even slogans for companies as a way to cut cost. This is something we completely stand against! We believe that every business has a unique story that needs to be told. This is why we create every aspect of our clients’ campaigns from scratch, based on their individual story, goals and marketing needs. We are 100% in it with each and every client, working with them to create marketing magic!


How Do I Know You Can Create The Right Team For Me?

As I mentioned before, we have dozens of partners crossing 4 continents, including the North America, Latin America, Europe and even Australia! Each one is an expert in different aspects of marketing, so every specialty you can imagine is covered. This means we can create a team that is perfect for you, regardless of your marketing budget and needs. We have teams of partners working in every business category you can think of, such as Service Industry, Medical Practices, Restaurants, Retail Stores,  Jewelry Stores, Automotive Dealers, Convenience Stores, Business-To-Business Suppliers, Non-profit Organizations, Banks, and many more. Each of these industries has their own unique goals, target markets and campaign needs. This is why we believe in creating a custom campaign and marketing team for each individual company, rather than using “cookie-cutter” materials!


How Do I Know I Can Afford To Work With Wizard of Ads?

To be honest, we have clients with all sizes of marketing budgets, from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands per month. We are confident that we can put a team together for any business, regardless of the funds they have allocated for their marketing endeavors. In fact, we have a partner who even specializes in working with startups and companies with little to no marketing budget. This is one of the benefits of being able to put together the best marketing team for each individual client! We can pull in the resources you need to maximize the marketing budget your company has! Don’t let your marketing budget hold you back, there are plenty of creative, successful campaigns that we’ve run with little budgets in mind!


Are you interested in working with your very own, hand picked Wizard of Ads expert marketing team? If so, feel free to contact us today so we can get started growing your business!