The Best Selling Strategy Behind Product Packaging

The Best Selling Strategy Behind Product Packaging

January 20, 2017 Branding Character Branding Marketing Marketing Platforms Product Packaging Store Front 0

Gazing down at her watch, Karen realizes that she’s almost half an hour late. She picks up her paces as she scours the shelves for the product she needs. It must be here! This is about where she found it last year. As she nears the end of the shelf, she begins to fear the worse. That was until she saw the gigantic, bold print reading “ORGANIC” right on the top of the bag! This was exactly what she was looking for, organic potting soil. Karen thought to herself, “Thank God they had ‘organic’ written so big on the bag, or she would have been searching all day!”

Packaging Is Your Store Front!

When you own a business that sells it’s products in stores such as Walmart, Target, H-E-B, Publix, and other retail businesses your package becomes your store front. Your package needs to stand out among the competition, which is typically placed in close proximity to your products. Which makes your package’s ability to catch a potential customer’s attention vital to your business success. Your product is literally competing side-by-side with the competition, how does it stand out?

This is one of the things many business owners don’t put enough effort into. They pour their heart and soul into producing their product but handle packaging up as a last thought. Many of the most successful products in the world have unique packaging characteristics; this isn’t a coincidence! These are the business owners that look at their packaging as an extension of their storefront. Meaning they ensure it has ideal placement on the shelves, it stands out against the competition around it, and it gives potential customers the information they need to make a high-quality purchase decision.

“Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” – Steve Jobs

Apple is a great example of unique packaging. It utilizes minimalist white and high-definition graphics to capture your attention. When they originally came out with their current packaging, it was a huge statement. It was clean. It was simple. It truly gives customers a unique sensory experience in an oversaturated world. Next time you pass an Apple store, walk in. Take a look around at the packaging, if they don’t have stuff on display just ask to see some. Feel the boxes. Apple even utilizes different textures in their boxes and graphics to amplify the experience. Steve Jobs is right, and he proves it, packaging can be theater.

This isn’t the only way packaging can stand out, however. In fact, there are many ways your packaging can stand out, and that really depends on which product qualities you would like to highlight. For examples, we’ll discuss the potting soil that Karen bought at the story earlier. They chose a packaging strategy that highlighted the fact that their soil is organic. So they designed the bag to have “ORGANIC” written in huge, bold letters on the top of the bag. This is a great strategy for businesses who want to highlight the differences between their product and the competition. This is one of many techniques used by companies to beat out their competition on the shelves.

There are many other factors to consider in your packaging, depending on your product and any associated industry regulations. However, the first step to creating a great package that successfully stands out is to choose to think of your packaging as a storefront and to be willing to utilize creative packaging techniques. Next time you visit a store and look around at the packages you see. What do the most popular items have in common? I bet you discover a lot of unique packaging in every department. For more information on packaging strategies and how your business can use them to grow, please feel free to contact us today.