2 Business Service That’ll Change How You Create Content

2 Business Service That’ll Change How You Create Content

October 26, 2016 Blogging Content Marketing Quick Marketing Tips Video Content 0

Countless exhausting hours of work, no overtime pay, and no bonuses. How does a business owner find the time to do anything, especially their own marketing? Let’s be honest, most business owners don’t get the luxury of a cut-and-dry 40 hour work week! In fact, many small business owners work 60+ hours per week just to do what needs to be done to run their business. This makes tasks such as marketing their company difficult when they must always optimize their allotted time.


When I talk to business owners about their marketing efforts, I often hear the dreaded phrase…


As a small business owner myself, I understand the struggle of dealing with a constricted bandwidth! However, there are some fantastic tools out there that make it incredibly easy for small businesses to accomplish marketing needs, such as creating blog articles and video content. The following two tools are some of the most beneficial services out there for small business owners who are devoted to increasing their online presence.


Endless Blog Content, Without Ever Writing A Blog Again

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! In fact, ShortCut Content doesn’t just simplify the blogging process; it completely removes the need for writing! How is this done? ShortCut Content’s founder, Dave Young, has designed a streamlined process that extracts your ideas and information via a professional interview-style call. This call is then used to develop your content, which is offered as both a written blog and a professionally produced podcast (or both)! This is not all that Dave, and his amazing team at ShortCut Content do. They also have a fantastic method for developing over a year’s worth of blog topics in less than ten minutes. That way you never have to stress about what you want your next production to be about!


You Don’t Need A Film Crew To Produce High-Quality Video

You don’t need to hire a film crew to produce professional quality video content straight from your office! Even if you think that you’re camera shy, Vid Better’s studio-in-a-box is designed to make everyone look like a seasoned professional in front of the camera! Brothers Rex and Jake Williams are the brilliant designers behind the best video content tool on the market. Not only does it create video content that looks like it was recorded in a professional film studio, but it can also be used to shoot remotely from anywhere. That’s right, you can shoot your video in Townsville, Australia with a director deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. This setup has you literally looking face-to-face (courtesy of a tablet) with your director regardless of their geographical distance. This ensures that the subject is always looking directly into the camera, so the shots are flawless every single time. This is a great tool for businesses who want to create a lot of high-quality video content on a restricted budget, as well as companies who are looking to get authentic testimonials while their customers are still “in the moment.”


Both of these tools are incredibly useful for businesses in a variety of industries. They make sure that you are maximizing your time as you create high-quality content with minimal effort. Stop using time as an excuse and join the thousands of companies that are taking advantage of creating both blog and video content. Trust me; it will be a business investment that you’ll be glad that you made! For more information on Vid Better and Shortcut Content, please feel free to contact us today.