Get Your Customers Talking About You

Get Your Customers Talking About You

May 20, 2016 Quick Marketing Tips 0

The goal of every business should be to get their customers talking. I mean specifically talking about your business. You want your customers to share their experience with their friends, family, and other people around them. Not to mention, sharing their experiences on websites like Yelp and Angie’s List. The more your customers talk positively about your company, the more business you will get.

Firsthand Recommendations Are Priceless

If one of your friends recommends that you go check out the taco joint down the road, odds are you’ll eventually find yourself enjoying the zesty, delicious taste of their award-winning carne asada tacos. Why? You trust your friend’s opinion. You know they like good food, and you also know you wouldn’t recommend a place if they didn’t think you’d enjoy it. This is one of the reasons that firsthand recommendations from your customers is critical for growing your business. People listen to their friends and respect their opinions. This is why we try to find ways for our Wizard of Ads clients to get their customers talking.

The More People Hear About Your Business The Better The Recall

The whole point of marketing is the get customers to think of your business when they need the services or products that you provide. Companies all across the country spend tons of money every month trying to reach customers through the radio and television ads. The goal of radio is to reach your target market at a high enough frequency every week that they remember you. In other words, these businesses are trying to increase the rate of customer recall. However, radio and TV aren’t the only way that you can achieve higher customer recall. In fact, you can increase the rate of customer recall by simply getting your current customers talking about your business. I would even consider firsthand recommendations a more powerful source of customer recall than both TV and radio. This is because of what I mentioned before; people trust their friend’s opinions are most likely going to remember a business by name faster.

How Can Your Business Get Customers Talking?

Let’s be honest, there are countless ways that you can get your customers talking about your business. Some companies do this simply by offering such a unique product. While others do so based on their incredible customer service. However, some businesses need to get a little more creative. For these companies, we recommend exploring ideas such as unique marketing products, hosting (or sponsoring) local events, getting involved in the local community, and other types of grass-roots marketing. Whatever method your business chooses, the goal should be to stand out from your competition and to become easily recognizable to potential customers.



As mentioned above, there are countless ways for your company to get customers talking about you. Which is free marketing for you business! Not to mention, people trust the opinions of their friends and family. So the more people talk about your business, the more you increase customer recall. This is what drives sales, as well as bringing in new customers. For more information on how your business can get customers talking about you, please feel free to contact us.