Customer Experience Is Business Gold

Customer Experience Is Business Gold

April 7, 2016 Branding Content Customer Service Marketing Myers Briggs Quick Marketing Tips 0

Have you ever heard the phrase “the customer is always right?” Well, when it comes to the customer experience, that statement is quite true. The customer’s perspective is their experience. That experience can easily make or break a business in the customer’s eyes. Some business owners would disagree, I mean it’s just one customer… right? Wrong.


Your Customers Love To Talk

If a customer has a great experience at a business, odds are they are going to share that experience. The same goes for bad experiences too. If a customer has a bad experience, they will probably warn all their friends to stay clear. Before the internet and social media, a customer’s bad experience may deter a dozen potential customers. However, through the power of our online social networks and online review websites, these negative experiences can travel much farther, much faster. This makes great customer experiences even more valuable and horrible experiences even more detrimental. This is why the customer experiences matters so much in the world of business, it comes down to the power of word-of-mouth marketing that follows.


Don’t Miss Out On The Advantages Of Great Customer Experiences

It’s true, you can’t buy word-of-mouth marketing. However, you can give your customers experiences worth talking about! At the end of the day, the customer experiences is a huge part of how you attract long term, relational customers. For example, if I go to a restaurant and enjoy the food, but the service is awful… I’m probably not giving them my business again. The product was great, but the service is still part of the experience. The same goes for nearly every other industry. If the service is lacking, the customer is less likely to return for another purchase. Quality of services should be just as important as the quality of the product. Trust me, your customers take notice!


How Can You Benefit From Offering Great Customer Service

Find a way to stand out! Don’t be afraid to do business a little different, customer oriented. Over the years, I have seen many businesses who make it a point to ensure that their customer service is always on point. Some of them do that through the products and services they offer. Others through pure convenience or specialized employee training…



There’s Buc-ee’s, a gas station company found all across Texas, who has gone above and beyond to offer bathrooms that are spotless, convenient and always have a stall open for you… even during crazy holiday traffic. Not only that, but they always have the best gas prices for miles. Why? Because they don’t look for the quick, one-time sale, they are aiming to attract lifelong customers.



Another business that originated in Texas is Broadway Bank, they go above and beyond to ensure their patrons are seen in a minimal amount of time and if they must wait a short amount of time, they are happily entertained. Their locations come stocked with a coffee bar, Kuerig included, and freshly baked cookies. As well as, a variety of cold beverages in a mini cooler underneath. Not to mention, the iPads in the waiting area for customer use. The best part is that the employees always have a smile on their face and strive incredibly hard to remember each patron by name, even if they are funky to pronounce… like Klenke.

C15HER Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Disney has a slightly different approach on their customer service, they are known for training staff using the Myers Briggs Type Instrument. That’s why they are capable of interacting with each visitor based on how that individual interacts with the world. This is an incredibly successful way to improve customer service, as well as employee cohesion. In fact, 80% of Fortune 500 companies, such as Disney and General Motors, use Myers Briggs or similar tests to ensure their customer service and employee interactions are up to par with their high standards.


I’m not saying you should offer all of your customers free snacks and drinks. I’m also not saying you need bathrooms fit for a King or Queen. What I am trying to tell you is that you need to find your own way to create a customer experience worth sharing. Take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing! All it takes if giving your customers an experience that they can’t help but share with the people around them. Trust me, it’s a lot simpler than it seems. For more information or unique ideas of how your company can improve your customer experience, feel free to contact us today.