A Business Full of Passion, Is Also Full of Profits!

A Business Full of Passion, Is Also Full of Profits!

February 12, 2016 Branding Marketing Quick Marketing Tips Social Media 0

We all know the business owners who eat, sleep and drink their company. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The one’s who plaster it as their Facebook cover photo, smacking it on their car as a bumper sticker and possibly even hashtags their business name on every single social media post. We all have those friends who leave us wondering…


Are they a passionate business owner or ruthless self-promoter?

Based on a 2015 study done by the Global Web Index, Americans spent an average of 1 hour and 43 minutes on social networks each day. This means free marketing and business exposure for companies who get social media screen time. Knowing that there are more than 1.44 billion active Facebook users and 320 million Twitter users, it’s no surprise that how common it is for business owners to promote their company.

Starting a business is a challenge, especially when it comes to gaining your business exposure. As a new company, most businesses don’t have the funds to gain exposure through mass media advertising. They have to start small, using what marketing professionals call grass roots marketing. For most companies, this means sweat, blood and tears, not to mention some serious elbow grease. However, as a passionate business owner, that commitment is easy to make. In my opinion, I think promoting your small business is great. However, excessive “spam” style posts will easily get you categorized as a ruthless self promoter.


Passion that customers see will drive business sales.

The more passionate a business owner is about their company, the more customers will believe what they stand for. In fact, passion can even increase sales. Seeing a proud business owner, tells me they’re willing to stand behind their business, as well as its values. As a customer, that’s the kind of business owner I want to do business with. I know I’m not alone in that mindset. The more passionate and driven your business is, the more people will take notice and yearn to follow. A business owner who believes in his business and has the guts to show it, will attract customers who believe in their business too.


Don’t tell me, show me!”

You can tell me that you are passionate about your company all you want, but if you don’t show me with actions… I won’t believe it. This is can be the difference between failure and success. If you aren’t passionate about your business, how do you expect your employees to be? If your employees aren’t passionate about your business, how do you expect potential customers to react? Passion doesn’t just drive sales, it transfers confidence in your company, as well as your product or service! This confidence is what drives a potential customer to make a purchase. That same confidence is also what develop one-time buyers into lifelong, loyal customers.

How often do you passionately promote your business? Do you do it through supporting non-profit events, pro bono work, your Facebook cover photo, social media posts or are you too scared to show your pride? There is nothing wrong with sharing your passion and beliefs with the people around you. In fact, that’s the way many successful businesses make it big.

Showing passion for your business is a great way to attract loyal, relational customers who truly believe in what your business stands for. While it’s true, some people take it too far, I believe not enough business owners truly show their company passion! With so many creative ways to show your passion, there are options for every business. For more information on how you can show the passion for your business, feel free to contact us.