The Benefit of Telling Customers What You Believe

The Benefit of Telling Customers What You Believe

January 15, 2016 Branding Character Branding Marketing Quick Marketing Tips 0

When Martin Luther King gave his “I Have A Dream” speech on August 28, 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he was aiming to connect with the 250,000 attendants who were listening live. However, thanks to television, he didn’t just connect with them, he connected with people all over the globe. How did he make this connection with so many people? He shared what he believed with passion and determination.


He stood up for something he believed in and more importantly, he stood against something he found unjust. By sharing his beliefs, he put himself out there for people to have an opportunity to truly relate to him. They had common ground, something they could believe in together and work toward!


How great would it be if your business could connect with people as MLK did?


I’m here to tell you that you can! Businesses often roll out selling-style marketing campaigns, aiming to to have products flying off the shelf. However, this sales-focused marketing doesn’t create loyal, relational customers who continually purchase for years to come. That’s the mark many business owners miss. Creating loyal customers leads to selling products in the long term, not just for the next “big sale.” Those “big sales” don’t attract loyal customers, they attract price chasers who purchase based off of the “best deal” mind set.


For a business, telling customers what you believe in is offering them the opportunity to connect with you. I want to clarify, I am not talking about religious affiliations. I’m referring to the beliefs that drive your business. For example, Tom’s Plumbing Services believes that each job they do should be done right the first time. They tell their customers about this in their radio advertisements when they state “If there are issues within 30 days they will fix it for free, no questions asked!”


After he started running that ad, Tom noticed his calls were up 28% and a number of customers had even mentioned that they loved the way he does business. Tom took the risk out of doing business with his company, he showed any potential customers that he was more than willing to back is services up with a solid guarantee and it paid off! Why? Because he had the courage to tell his potential customers that believed it should be done right every time.


How should you tell potential customers what you believe?


There is no right or wrong platform, as the format doesn’t matter as much as the message itself. You must first dig deep into your business and discover what it is that your business and staff believe. Does your dental office believe in no waits for appointments? Does your HVAC company believe in fast and reliable service? Does your restaurant believe in only serving high-quality, fresh foods? Write them down, all of them. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for help coming up with some, as they may have a point of view you missed.


Once you’ve discovered what you believe as a business, you must share it with your customers. It can be through a radio advertisement, tv commercial, a YouTube video or any other platform you use to reach them. Do it with passion! Let them know this belief is something you really care bout.


Most importantly, back it up! Your words must be as good as your actions. Regardless of what you say your beliefs are, you must be willing to follow through with them 110%. This is what wins loyal customers. This is what keeps customers coming back, because they believe what you believe and they trust you to follow through. Businesses that eat, sleeps and drink their beliefs, are the ones that build large followings of relational customers. They are companies whose customers trust them so much, that can’t imagine taking their business elsewhere.


This will be your business once you tell your customers what you believe.


As a business owner, you know what you believe and you know what drives your company. However, many company owners don’t realize how valuable sharing that information with customers can be! We believe that every business deserves the chance to succeed. Because of this, we feel providing our clients with information like this is vital for them to achieve that success! If you are interested in learning more about how your business can share its beliefs with potential customers or why it works, please feel free to contact us.