A Little Online Exposure Never Hurt A Business

A Little Online Exposure Never Hurt A Business

January 6, 2016 Blogging Branding Marketing Marketing Platforms Quick Marketing Tips SEO 0

Why-to-wear-a-tie-on-graduation-dayFresh off the books and still high on the freedoms of graduation, Sam had a life long dream he had been waiting to achieve, owning his very own coffee shop. He studied hard, got into his top choice of Universities and graduated with a degree in business. Unlike his friends who were still trying to decide on their future careers, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. After years of waiting, his time had finally come.


He had taken the classes, he knew the process of business planning and how it all should work. He even knew his weaknesses and had connections help to improve those areas. In fact, his father had a close friend who was an expert in Sam’s biggest shortcoming, marketing. He knew that in life the best outcomes often occur from admitting one’s deficiency and asking those who are competent in them for help.


He met with his father’s friend, Tim, a world renowned marketing expert. Sam knew his budget was small, and that rent for his coffee shop was going to eat up a majority of his available funds. This left him with very little money allocated to advertising his business. Disheartened, Sam feared his dream may be too hard for him to achieve at this time or possibly even ever. Yet, Tim remained quite enthusiastic about the business’ potential.
They created a plan that started with online advertising paired with some good old fashion elbow grease and grass-roots marketing. Sam was more than willing to put in the hours to get the grass-roots marketing started. However, his online marketing experience was about as limited as his actual online marketing budget. There had to be a way to get online exposure without breaking the bank. To Sam’s surprise, Tim knew exactly the right solution.
SACR080331_D031He invited Sam to the beach for their next business meeting. When Same showed up, there was a large seining-styled fishing net laying in the sand. Growing up on the Florida coast his whole life, Sam knew that fishing with a seining net often took quite a bit of work. However, sticking with it over time would usually yield a good healthy catch. Puzzled, Sam wondered what was so important about this seining net and how did it have anything to with his business.
Before Sam could ask, Tim explained that there was a very affordable way to gain his business exposure and draw people to his website. It was a simple solution, that works much like seining. Tim pointed to a nearby bucket, telling Sam that the bucket was similar to his website. It was where they wanted the catch of customers to end up. First, however, they needed a seining net to lure them in.

This online seining net that Tim was talking about is blogging. He told Sam how many of his clients were luring customers to their website by giving them information in the form of blog posts. In fact, there are many businesses that are incredibly successful at it, with some even making a profit straight off of their blogs. The blog redirects customers who are interested in its topics to a business that shares the same interests as them, such as a match maker would do.


Magnet attracts some spheres - business concept
However, that’s not the only reason a blog is like a seining net. The larger the seining net is, the more area it covers. This usually increases the amount of fish caught each time the net is tossed into the ocean. Similarly, the more blog posts a business publishes, the more people are being reached each time. It also increases the number of touch points where potential customers can find you in Google searches as well.


Sam quickly implemented a new blog post each week. Within a few months he realized, not only does the blog create a steady stream of potential customers to his website, it also creates credibility for his business as well. Before he knew it, his blog was one of the main sources of new customers to his shop. As his business grew, his marketing opportunities did as well! He was able to lease a billboard off of a major highway and was even able to move away from grass-roots marketing. However, he has no plans to stop blogging and his online following is thankful to hear that!

Blogging is a great, affordable way to gain some business online exposure regardless of their marketing budget. Many business owners avoid blogging because they don’t feel comfortable with their own writing abilities. However, there are many options for business owners who feel this way, from transcriptions to even ghost writers. If your business is interested in blogging, but doesn’t know where to start or what options are available, please feel free to contact us today!