It’s All About Knowing When (Not) To Quit!

It’s All About Knowing When (Not) To Quit!

December 31, 2015 Branding Marketing Marketing Platforms Quick Marketing Tips 0

Nothing was working! It had been two whole months since Avery started her new marketing campaign and the results just aren’t showing improvement yet. She always sought business advice from her friend, Margret. Margret has a degree in marketing and has been quite successful as a marketing consultant. Avery knew she would have the best opinion on what she should do about her marketing problems.


stressful-waiting-277x300-1Avery’s boutique has been open for three years now. Initially she put in a lot of work, gaining exposure through local events, because her marketing budget seemed too small for traditional advertising platforms. This paid the bills, but Avery was looking to really grow her business this year. She had begun a radio advertising campaign, with help from Margret in July. It was now September and she couldn’t see any major improvements in the traffic to her store.


Avery was concerned that her money was going to waste, maybe radio just wasn’t the right platform for her business. Margaret disagreed, she truly believed that radio was on the verge of making a difference. Avery was questionable, as she believed that the ads should have already been working. She had already spent several hundred dollars to run ads in the last two months alone. However, she truly respected Margret’s professional opinion and carried on hesitantly for another month.

calendarAlmost exactly 30 days later, Avery started to notice that more people were stopping by her business. Curious, she began to ask each customer where they had heard of her store. To her surprise, many of them had loved her radio ads and decided to stop in to shop. She was so relieved that she had in fact continued for another month! Yet she couldn’t help but wonder, how did Margaret know that the marketing campaign would work after all?


She finally grew so curious that she couldn’t help but to ask. Margaret shared the biggest secret she’s learned in marketing over the years. That even though our society has become increasingly obsessed with the idea of instant gratification, marketing doesn’t quite work like that. Yet many business owners falsely believe it functions much like a gum ball machine. Where the more you put in, the more you get out. This is so far from the truth.


Thinking-ManIt just so happens that at the moment a business owner begins to question if he should continue marketing or stop, is the most vital moment of all. This is exactly when they should buckle down and stick it out for another month or two. Marketing takes time to start working, but if done right, it’s results continue to increase exponentially over time. It is a commitment to your potential customers. It can even be used to build relationships and develop bonds, ultimately creating loyalty among your customers.





In many cases, business owners pull out of marketing campaigns too soon and don’t achieve the results of they otherwise would have, had they waited just one more month. This is, unfortunately, a very common mistake for both new and veteran business owners alike. As people, we are no longer patient enough to wait for the best results. By holding marketing campaigns to unrealistic time standards, many business owners are cutting their results short.


Avery went on to own several other businesses after her first successful one, a unique little boutique. She credits all of her business success to a piece of advice she once got from a friend. “A successful marketing campaign is often achieved by knowing when to quit and when to stick it out just one more month.”


Businessmen and Clock

Creating successful customer recall takes time. If you want potential customers to think of your business when they need your product or service, there has to be a certain repetition needed to achieve the results your business wants. They have to hear the ad often and at a frequency high enough that they remember the ad, your business name and what your services or products you provide. This takes a little more time than most business owners assume.


However, once you’ve secured that valuable mental recall real estate it is definitely worth all the time it took to start seeing results. If you think hard enough, I bet you can remember several advertisements word-for-word from your childhood. Many people wonder how it is possible to still remember such vivid advertisements. Meanwhile, most business owners see this as a huge advantage in beating their competition in the mind of their customers! For more information on how your business can take advantage of knowing when to stick it out in your marketing campaign, please feel free to contact us.