Don’t “Cookie Cutter” Your Cyber Storefront

Don’t “Cookie Cutter” Your Cyber Storefront

December 17, 2015 Blogging Content Marketing Marketing Platforms Quick Marketing Tips SEO Store Front 0

Widgets are the next big thing and Jackson knew it. His groggy-eyed, midnight creation was destined to change the world. If only he had a way to show the masses his newest invention. The only problem was, Jackson doesn’t have a large enough budget to purchase TV ad space or even radio spots for advertising. There had to be a cheaper way to gain exposure for his new line of business. Yet, he didn’t even know where to start.


digital-handshakeOverwhelmed and a little disheartened, he met with a marketing consultant. In fact, the meeting went a lot better than he planned. Many of his fears were settled and he now knew the direction to start in at least. The consultant’s suggestion was to start with a website. This made a lot of sense, although it wasn’t what Jackson had originally deemed the most important. However, he wasn’t planning on opening a physical shop to sell widgets anytime soon. This means his website will be his main “store front,” much like many small businesses these days.


buyers-guide-heroHe quickly began diving into online research, collecting as much information as he could on the competition and their websites. He quickly began to notice the obnoxious amount of similarities. They weren’t in the style of the website as much as they were in the language and writing. Jackson had discovered the world of online business’ dirty little secret, cookie cutter web-copy. This phenomenon has ruined SEO results for countless businesses, but that’s not all. They take away from the personality and the unique business story behind each affected company.


The crazy thing is, most companies don’t pay enough attention to notice when they have fallen into this mistake. Jackson quickly contacted his marketing consultant and asked why so many of his competitors had essentially the same website content. She quickly explained that it was a by-product of “big advertising,” a way for large ad firms to make a quick buck and cut corners.


cookie-cutter-xsmallJackson was in shock! He had already priced how much some of these ad firms were charging to create and run websites. How could they cheat so many customers like that? His marketing consultant pointed out that most businesses have come so accustom to these cookie cutter websites, even in their personal online shopping experiences, that they no longer recognize much of the web-copy as a type of “ad-speak.” It is so overused and unoriginal that it actually hurts the branding process for many businesses.


Relieved that he avoided such a costly mistake, Jackson committed himself to ensuring that he treated his website as though it truly was his business’ store front. He wanted the design and the website copy both to be as original as his beloved widgets. He knew that this was the best way to show potential customers why his product was so unique. Based on his marketing consultant’s recommendation, he hired a creative writer to customize the copy to be unlike anything else the internet had ever seen.


nieuwe-websiteThis ultimately was one of the best business decisions Jackson ever made. His website gave the widgets an amazing base to start a business. Within a year he had sold enough of them that he was able to expand his overall marketing strategy to include radio advertising. By then he already knew the power behind originality in marketing and teamed up with his consultant to have a unique radio campaign mirror his success online.

Your business’ website is incredibly important! You should consider it one of your company’s storefronts, even if you aren’t selling your product or service directly from it. For more information on how you can ensure your website is original, feel free to contact us.