The Biggest Misconception In Marketing!

The Biggest Misconception In Marketing!

November 10, 2015 Branding Marketing Marketing Platforms Quick Marketing Tips Social Media 0

There are a lot of misconceptions about advertising! In my opinion, this one tops them all! It can ruin your ad budget, squander your business profits and even diminish your customer loyalty.

It’s the idea that our obsession with instant gratification with work in our marketing strategies. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how marketing works. Many businesses believe that marketing works similar to a vending or gum ball machine. Where you put a few quarters in and, in return, you get a few items out. However, that’s not how marketing actually works.

There are different ways that you can market using different, unique platforms. As Roy H. Williams says,

Are you going for the hundred-meter dash, or would you like to be in the lead at the end of the marathon?”

It depends on where you see your business going. Do you see your business being here 10, 20 and even 30 years down the road? If you do, it would be worth it for you to start building a loyal following for your business.

You want customers that will come back based on a relationship that you build with them. In fact, there are different marketing platforms that you can use to ensure that you are building a relationship with your customers.


NewsPaperNews Papers, The Winners Of The Hundred-Meter Dash!

That’s right, they are a short term win. Why? Because anyone who is looking in the newspaper to make a purchase, already knows what products they are in the market for. This means, if your product is not one they are currently in the market for purchasing, they probably won’t even look at your advertisement.


Yellow Pages, A Source For Those Who Don’t Care

The Yellow Pages provide leads for some companies, yet it’s not as reliable as you may think. The truth is, the Yellow Pages have become a directory of services for people who really don’t care what company they use. Listed in alphabetical order, choosing who to use  becomes a “luck of the draw” scenario.

In my opinion…


Google Is The New & Improved Version Of The Yellow Pages!

Google-Search-Results-Segmentation-Into-Ads-And-Regular-Search-ResultsPeople who Google search a product or service are already in the market for what they are searching for. Also, 60% of consumers don’t realize that the first, second and third spots on Google searches are paid for advertisements through Google AdWords.

If you want to add the Yellow Pages to your marketing strategy, I suggest you consider a Google AdWords strategy instead. In fact, many Wizard of Ads clients have achieved great results with it over the years. We have Partners who are AdWord experts, hand crafting the perfect strategy for each individual client. This ultimately gives a far more interactive and customized ad strategy than the Yellow Pages can provide.


Radio Is A Great Marathon Platform

Unique and irresistible radio ads can be a huge front runner! This is especially true if you’re a marathon-business looking to be here ten, twenty and even thirty years down the road. Radio instills in the listener’s mind, over weeks, months and even years, your company’s name. As well as, your company’s values, what your company cares about and the passions that drive your company, especially in the community in which you live.

So when they do need your service or product, they already have your business’ name at the top of their mind. They’ve been thinking of you during every car ride since you started those awesome ads.

Television‘s success is very similar. Radio and television are the platforms that you use to build a relationship with your customers. Over time they will bond with your business based on trust.

Digital-platformsThey Aren’t The Only Platform For Building Relationships Tho…

Despite being a newer platform, social media platforms have become a very popular way to get involved with your customers and really get them active in your business relationship. It doesn’t just involves likes, follows, tweets and posts. It also keeps customers up-to-date on events and activities, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn more about your business.

So tell me, is your business here for the hundred-meter dash, or a marathon? Will your business still be here thriving ten, twenty and even thirty years from now? If so…

What type of advertising will you be doing?

For more information on marketing misconceptions or choosing the right marketing platforms for your business, please feel free to contact us.