Marketing Trick Lands Business Months of Photo Content & Customers For Life

Marketing Trick Lands Business Months of Photo Content & Customers For Life

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“Abracadabra! All of your problems have been solved!”

Don’t we all wish marketing was that easy? I know most business owners do!

In fact, there is a very common misconception about marketing that is derived from our society’s need for instant gratification. This misconception is that marketing is like a gum ball dispenser, the more money you put in, the more gum balls you get out.  It doesn’t quite work like that though. Marketing is a long term commitment to allow your customers to get to know you as a company and to build a bond based on trust.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t quick tips to make your long term marketing commitments flow a little bit easier. Having a constant stream of high quality photos for social media and marketing purposes can be a complicated achievement for many companies. It takes time to hire a photographer and ensure they have the same vision for the needed content. Then there is the struggle of having people to photograph, especially in specialty industries. There’s an easy (inexpensive) way around this problem that will also jumpstart a great trust based bond with your customers.


Sometimes You Have To Get A Little Creative!

I had a client who desperately needed high-quality photos for their medical practice. They wanted real patients and high-quality pictures. However, it turned out to be quite difficult to get the photographer and enough subjects on the same day to make it worth it. Suddenly I had an idea! We need to find a way to have the customers come to us, in a situation where we can bring the photographer to them. The solution was simple, throw a party and invite all of the patients to come!


The Logistics Are Quite Simple!

A party done right can be affordable opportunities to bond with customers, strengthening the relationship they have with your business. They get the opportunity to mingle with your staff and learn more about your business. This also gives them a reason to talk about your business to their friends and family! All you really need is food, beverages and a reason to celebrate. Then hire a photographer to come shoot the event. The best idea is to have it at your business location. As the party is going on, ask customers if they want to be involved in the photo shoot. Trust me, there will be volunteers!


What About The Legality Of The Photos For Marketing Use?

The best solution to ensuring that all of the photoshoot pictures are usable, is to have each volunteer sign a waiver. This informs them that the photo may be used for marketing or promotional use by your company, while protecting your rights as well. This is a common practice among many businesses, especially when it comes to their unique creative content. Having patients sign a waiver is the easiest way to ensure that your business gets the best usage out of the photographs.


How Does This Create Customers For Life?

It gives your customers the opportunity to see what you do “behind-the-scenes” and gives them an opportunity to get to know your staff outside the business environment. Customers trust businesses that they know, this is the first step to creating business loyalty. They are then more willing to become relational customers who purchase from your company consistently, as well as recommend you to all of their friends. Let’s not forget, you can’t buy word-of-mouth marketing! That means this bond you create with your customers is priceless.

Getting custom photo content for a social media and online marketing can be difficult for any business, especially if an outside photographer is needed. This easy solution gets you all the content you need, while allowing you to make a unique impression with your customers. In the long run it will save you money, effort and jump start your relational customer bonds! For more information on how you can easily create content or win customers for life, feel free to contact me.