The Power Of Giving Back To Your Business’ Community

The Power Of Giving Back To Your Business’ Community

September 17, 2015 Branding Customer Service Giving Back Marketing Quick Marketing Tips 0

“Give a little, get a lot,” is a saying that I grew up on. It’s engrained in who I am as a person, as well as business owner. What does it really mean tho, that we should only give a little and expect more in return? Not at all, I actually interpret it as almost the opposite.

As a business owner, I feel I should be giving what I can to help the community locally, nationally and even across the globe. Somewhere in time, whether through “karma” or business exposure, I will get back more than what I gave. So if I can gave a little, I’ll give all that I can. If I can give a lot, I’ll still give all that I can.


So you’re saying giving back is an investment?

In a way, you could call community outreach an investment. Of course you don’t directly get money back from it, but if you win the hearts of the community, you will win their loyalty too. It’s a relational investment, you are giving to the community in a way that creates a bond with customers and even potential customers. These relationships and bonds are what leads to lifelong relational customers, who purchase consistent with your business based on trust. Isn’t that every business owner’s dream?


It gains your business a lot of positive exposure!

The point of marketing is to gain exposure, often times through advertisements on tv, radio or printed material. This is a great way to increase customer awareness, but it’s not quite as powerful as face-to-face. Community outreach gives your business the opportunity to do that! Studies show that people are more comfortable with businesses when they feel like the “know” the owner. I’m not referring to knowing them on a first name bases necessarily. Even a simple introduction can have that effect on a potential customer!


It’s great word-of-mouth marketing exposure!

People love to talk and share their experiences, it’s a part of human nature for us to communicate our feelings, thoughts and emotions about things. This can be one of the biggest advantages for any business! People who are impressed with a business usually tell their friends and family about it. Guess what, friends and family are probably going to believe every word. The more people you can get positively talking about your business, the more free exposure your business is getting through word-of-mouth marketing! What are you waiting for? Give them something good to talk about!


People want to know that you care about something!

The charity or organization that your business chooses to give back to doesn’t matter as much as the act of giving. Find an organization that you are passionate about or that relates to your industry. Let people know what you care about! This may seem like it would make some businesses “vulnerable,” but that is actually a pathway to building trust. Sharing your passions, your values and what matters to you with your customers will help them connect emotionally with you, as well as your business. Not to mention the fact that people on Social Media love seeing how people and businesses are giving back!

Give back to your community! Walk for a cure, help with a food drive or donate to an organization. These things make your business personable and draws potential customers in. Find an organization that you’re passionate about, share your passion with your customers and make a difference! For more information on how your business can make a difference in the local community, feel free to contact us.