Good Advertising vs Bad Advertsing!

Good Advertising vs Bad Advertsing!

September 9, 2015 Branding Character Branding Marketing Quick Marketing Tips 0

What makes a good ad or a good campaign?

That the million dollar question everyone is shooting their hands up to answer!

Depending on who you ask, the answer you receive may have nothing to do with the ad itself. One agency might tell you the platform, while another will claim the logo. Yet this isn’t even the issue at hand. With so many answers out there, which is correct? Honestly, the difference between the two is not quite what you would expect. Without nailing this key to advertising, it won’t matter how great your platform or logo may be…


Is there a huge difference between good advertising and bad advertising?

In most situations, not as much as you think. So what really is the difference between good and bad in the advertising world? The biggest difference between good and bad advertising is who the ads and campaign are focused on. Yet most business owners blindly chase the idea that there’s a “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” solution to advertising, but this actually isn’t the case. Sadly, most ads we see, regardless of the media platform, tend to get caught up in this idea. This is quite the advantage for any business who knows the power of standing out among their competition! As well as understanding of who’s lens ads should be written to and through.

Is it really black and white when it comes to good and bad advertising? That’s for you to decide…




“Bad advertising is about your company, while good advertising is about your customers!” – Roy H. Williams

That’s it?  It’s a little more complex than that, but it comes down to perspective. Most businesses don’t take the time to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and truly discover what questions the customers are asking or interested in! At the Wizard of Ads we call this the curse of knowledge which essentially means, it’s hard for business owners to read their business’ label from inside the bottle.

We all specialize in something, as a business owner this often means sleep, drinking and eating our industry day in and day out. We become numb to the fact that the knowledge we possess about our business isn’t always information that the customers know. So we tend to skip over the exact questions that customers are asking and answer the ones they never would have. This is incredibly common in advertising!


Good advertising is advertising with a purpose, this makes the message important!

Some businesses look at character branding and think that it’s the cutest spokesperson contest, but this isn’t true. The message is an important element of an ad, just because you are looking through the right lens, doesn’t mean you’ll say the right thing. Look at Taco Bell for instance, we all loved their cute Chihuahua and all the ads he was in. However, Taco Bell didn’t see any real results from them. In fact, the main outcome of those ads was a drastic increase in Chihuahua sales and adoptions across the country. Notice how each of these ads curiously fall into the direct selling category, which never have long-term success with the results…

America loved the ads, so what were they doing wrong? The message wasn’t developed and the cuteness factor alone doesn’t sell. Meanwhile, the Gieco Gecko commercials have gotten great results! Why? Message! They have the cuteness factor, but what really sells their services with the stories their ads tell and the message that they deliver. Yet, notice how none of their ads are direct selling, they are bonding ads! They are in the business of gaining lifelong customers through a relationship build on trust.

Bad ads often end up sounding like straight-up “Ad Speak”!

Just as the book Steal Like An Artist (by Austin Kleon) insists, everything we create in advertising was once inspired by someone else’s work along the way. Nothing is 100% our of thoughts, ideas and vision. While the ideas and concepts might not be our own, but the final product should be distinctly a new creation with slight shimmers of our prior muses.

Bad advertisements often take this a little too far, trying to recreate what others in the industry have done without the personal touch and unique company message. You know exactly what I am talking about. The ads that sound like Charlie Brown’s mom talking, never giving you creative, unique content. At Wizard of Ads, we call this Adspeak. Sounding like exactly how sounds, a boring regurgitated ad! This is a huge mistake that many businesses make, creating ads that are generic and get lost in the thousands of business adspeak voices that your customers are exposed to each day. For comic relief, check out the example below…

Good advertising and bad advertising aren’t much different than each other. In fact, with a few tweaks in the message or the lens you are creating an ad through, can drastically change the performance. A unique message can make all the difference, breaking the monotonous advertising stream that your potential customers are used to. Drawing in their attention and gaining meaningful exposure for your business. If you are interested in learning more about good advertising techniques and how your business can take advantage, feel free to contact us!