How Brandable Chunks Effect Branding Success

How Brandable Chunks Effect Branding Success

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You know those brand slogans that get stuck in your head for years? Even just the first few notes of the jingle and you know what is coming next! Those are examples of successful brandable chucks! Brandable chunks is a term that was coined by the Wizard of Ads Partners, but what really are brandable chunks? More importantly, what makes them so vital to the success of business branding campaigns…


Brandable chunks are all about customer recall!

Those jingles and slogans that get stuck in your head are great examples of branding, even though some are quite annoying. Why? Because the point of jingles, slogans and all other brandable chunks is to trigger customer recall. This is when the customer recalls a specific product or brand based on the brandable chunks. That way when they are actually in need of the product or service they will remember one of the brandable chunks. Which will then associate that brand with their current needs!

In fact, when a business owner thinks of customer recall they should think of it as prime real estate. For example, when Joe thinks of “Air Conditioning and HEating” in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina he immediately recalls the last Morris-Jenkins commercial he saw (great example of brandable chunks). This gives Morris-Jenkins an upper hand in the competition for Joe’s business. This moment of recall is important, especially if your company is the first one a potential customer thinks of! You’ve landed the prime of the prime in brand recall real estate, giving you the highest odds of customer purchase.


What makes brandable chunks successful though?

Brandable chunks should describe your business and attract customers based on trust. When people think of brandable chunks they usually think of only slogans and jingles, but it goes farther beyond that! In fact, Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads suggests that a business should have as many as 20 brandable chunks to be used on a regular basis throughout all of their advertising campaigns. They should be memorable, relatable and recallable! The more successful your brandable chunks are at those three things, the more successful the campaign will be as a whole. Consistency and repetition are key to the best results, this is how you will over time gain the prime brand recall real estate we were just talking about! The more exposure potential customers get to the brandable chunks, the easier it is for them to recall.

Brandable chunks

Where should a business include brandable chunks?

Absolutely everywhere! Radio and TV advertisements should be a dead giveaway, as this is where we have picked up a majority of the brandable chunks we have stored in our minds. However, the best results occur when these chunks appear throughout radio, TV and print ads, as well as website copy, social media profiles, social media postings and even blog posts. Yet many companies miss these amazing opportunities to claim the brand recall prime real estate in their industry! The idea is to have 20 diverse brandable chunks that really bring out the business’ values, passions, goals and personality. Having a diverse mixing pot of this marketing material makes it easy to rearrange the brandable chunks, creating unique content to establish easy brand recall. This interchangeable copy technique gives your business unlimited orders and uses for utilizing your brandable chunks!

Brandable chunks are the easiest and most successful way to create customer recall, as well as gain exposure through branding. For more information on brandable chunks and how your business can create successful ones, feel free to contact me!