How To Master Your Business’ Exposure Thru Location Visibility!

How To Master Your Business’ Exposure Thru Location Visibility!

July 30, 2015 Location Marketing Quick Marketing Tips Store Front 0

Too many businesses fail because they did not successfully choose the right location, despite this mistake being so avoidable. The key to success is realizing that the location isn’t the only factor related to a business’ success. Ensuring that your customer knows where you are and what you offer is called your store exposure. There are several elements in understanding and mastering your store’s exposure, such as visibility.

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What is  visibility?

The more visible your location is to potential customers, the less advertising you need to do. That being said, your business location is the  cheapest advertising money could but, that is if you get the right location! You’d be surprised how many options there are for increasing your store’s visibility. Visibility from high traffic roads, especially popular commuter routes, are the best exposure that your store can get.  Being visible to pedestrian and bike traffic is also beneficial to a store’s exposure. This gives your store the advantage  of receiving the most exposure during the busiest traffic hours.


The Art Of Curb Appeal

Once you figure idea location you need a creative way to capture your audience’s attention! Just because a location has a lot of foot traffic in your customer around, does not mean that they will just walk into your store. If you have a forgettable storefront you will miss out on all your potential. Most conclusions about stores are based on appearances, especially in retail. Often the decision of entering or not, hinges on what the store looks like from the outside. This is why an increasing curb appeal is important!


Creating Effective Signs

If you want to take advantage of your store’s built in exposure, having great signage is no longer just an option. Some of the most important factors in a sign are the visibility for pedestrians and  vehicular traffic, legibility of the fonts and overall originality. You want it to be eye-catching and identifiable, especially  overtime.


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Good quality signs often have very legible fonts, easy-to-read color schemes, as well as being large enough to be seen from a distance. Even if your business isn’t  open at night, having a lit sign can be great exposure for your store. This is especially beneficial if your store is in an in high traffic area and truly stands out from any neighbors. Bright blue signs, especially ones that are lit from the inside, can cause eye irritation at night for drivers. Make sure that you research signs, what works and what doesn’t, before you purchase one. This can save your business the trouble of having to replace it or lose opportunities for attracting potential customers. Great signs can be simple, the important part is being visible to traffic, legible and eye capturing! A sign can truly make or break the success of a business, be sure that your company takes advantage

Take Pride in Maintenance

It’s easy to get lost in the busy daily routine inside the shop and lose sight of your curb appeal’s importance. Ensuring your storefront is always clean giving customers a better experience. The easiest way  is to create a simple, detailed checklist and have yourself or an employee go through it each day!

5 step maintence checklist
Make it a point to regularly evaluate your storefront for repairs and replacement areas. If your storefront looks little outdated, fresh paint is known to work wonders. Consumers love newer looking retailers, new coat of paint can make a huge difference plus it’s cheap. Having a clean storefront is more impressive than a flashier storefront that isn’t kept up.

Create an Awesome Window Display

Radiant Plumbing is known for their award-winning window displays that sits directly on a main Austin road artery, attracting thousands of customers annually. The complete opposite of what most service  companies, who choose locations assuming people only find them from searching or referrals.


This incredible window display, with the help of Austin traffic, has turned an ordinary plumber into an unforgettable brand. A store window display is vital for boosting curb appeal and foot traffic, so put a lot of thought and creativity into it, choosing something you want to showcase.

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Curbside Extras Give A Boost

Curbside extras, such as luscious plants or eclectic sandwich boards, can be added to your storefront to attract attention and passing foot traffic. You can add conveniences for your customers, like bike racks  and water bowls for pets.


Curbside pickup is one of the newest up-and-coming storefront service trends. Customers make an online purchase, then pick up items at the front of the store. This trend is picking up at a fast pace, as some supermarket stores have recently started offering curbside purchases, where you can order your groceries and pay for them on from a smart phone app. Then you just drive up and let them know you’ve arrived, a store attendant will quickly deliver it curbside.

Use Data To Your Advantage

It is important to use data from foot traffic analysis tools to measure your curbside efforts. This way you can accurately determine if the window displays, the signs, the curb appeal and the storefront as a whole are attracting people into your store. With these details you can make informed decisions on how to improve your storefront visibility.

Your business’ visibility is the cheapest marketing money can buy. Why? Because the better your location is, the less advertising you will have to pay for to gain exposure! For more tips to increase your business exposure and visibility, please feel free to contact me!