5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Canvassing!

5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Canvassing!

July 22, 2015 Marketing Marketing Platforms Quick Marketing Tips 0

Starting my marketing career in the sports marketing world, I am no stranger to canvassing. In fact, canvassing is still a widely used grassroots marketing strategy employed by many small businesses all over the world. What really is canvassing and is it an effective marketing strategy? Here’s some things your small business should know about canvassing.


#1 – Even the professionals do it!

I have worked in marketing for professional sports teams, as well as NCAA Division I collegiate sports. For these businesses canvassing is a big part of their marketing strategy. Why? Because you’re in a lot reach a lot of people a small amount of time, if you do it right. Canvassing is also common practice among night clubs, festivals and many other live events. Does it work for other businesses too? Of course! In fact, many small businesses canvases too, including restaurants!


#2 – There’s 3 types of canvassing!

The truth is, there are several different ways that a business can take advantage of canvassing. One of the most commonly seen canvassing is often done by restaurants, targeting neighborhoods and apartments to pass out delivery and takeout menus. Another common way is done face-to-face many times in busy city districts, this is usually used by politicians and activists for exposure and fundraising. The one I believe to be the most effective is event canvassing, passing out your material on cars. I have seen this method work efficiently in both professional and college sports marketing campaigns. It gives your business the opportunity to really select a market to aim for, especially if the event is relative to your industry.


#3 – Creativity can increase success!

The more creative your ads are, the better the chance you will stick in your target market’s mind! As well as drawing the attention needed to have them read your advertisement. Go out-of-the-box a little, get creative and get people interested in your business. Sell your company through your ads, but also give people something to talk about. Grassroots marketing, if done correctly, will create a buzz. Ultimately leading to word-of-mouth exposure for your company as well! So take advantage of the opportunity to get people sharing your business with potential customers.


#4 – What’s the best canvassing platform?

For most business models, I truly believe that the best canvassing platform is either door-to-door or event canvassing. As far as efficiency and man hours, event canvassing is always the best. The reason I say this is because the potential customer is left with marketing material, face-to-face this is not always the case. As far as the material, I’d say postcard sized is best, even if it is small! Business cards are too small and may be missed completely!


#5 – Where can I find canvassing manpower?

Canvassing does take some manpower, which is surprisingly easier to find and you might think! Where do you find me and for canvassing? I’ll tell you. The first place to look would be for college students, then craigslist. It’s relatively ease to people to canvass for you. However, you may need someone you trust to manage, to ensure the canvassing gets done! Minimum wage or a little higher will get canvassers, charging a bit more usually increases the quality and the efficiency of their efforts. So be a little generous for best results!

Canvassing can be a great way to get your business more exposure, especially for smaller companies with a limited budget. If your business is interested in learning more about canvassing and other marketing techniques, feel free to contact me.