Learn From The Best With Three Examples of Great Character Branding!

Learn From The Best With Three Examples of Great Character Branding!

July 13, 2015 Branding Character Branding Marketing Quick Marketing Tips 0

“Smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes a mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes altogether.” – Roy H. Williams

This may be true for mistakes, but it’s also true for success as well. Think of Henry Ford and how he visited meat packaging plants, ultimately reversing their process into his innovation of the assembly line. Exact same way, your business can look at what other industries are doing to promote themselves and discover how can you make that relative to your own campaigns? I’m not saying to copy someone else, but finding inspiration and successful campaigns can lead to the best marketing ideas. Check out these campaigns and how they use character branding to differentiate themselves, while creating a highly successful marketing campaign.

This video is done by, Morris-Jenkins, a heating and air conditioning company in Charlotte, North Carolina who uses character branding for their marketing. They have two characters, Bobby and Mr. Jenkins, who are quite interesting and even complementing personalities. They have a number of commercials, most also featured on the YouTube channel, that show in their local area. They are great at creating fun and clever storylines that truly capture the audience’s attention.

This Honda commercial tells a story about a character much like Don Quixote, who is continuously searching for only the best. The storytelling is very captivating, as the use rapid distraction (spoiler: I am scheduled to cover in the very near future post) keeps the audience intrigued with questions like where he is headed and what is he searching for? Even having a suspenseful moment to really draw you in and connect with the character.

This commercial is extended, but tells a very beautiful and heartfelt story that is capable of moving an audience. This connection is the point of telling stories, especially through character branding. It is the way your business can build trust needed to attract to relational customers, who will buy continuously from companies they like. Spence Diamonds has another  great commercial with a bit of a humorous angle that also gives a story that potential customers can relate to.

These videos all just story telling and even some character branding, especially in the Morris Jenkins Commercials, to relate to their target market. Discovering at what a number of successful businesses are doing is a great way to come up with ideas for your own company. For more ideas or information on how your company can take advantage of character branding (there are options for every business), please feel free to contact me.

Note: Check out how all of these companies have YouTube Channels with their commercials and even with other videos, including behind the scenes. This can be easy to do, even for the smallest of businesses!