The Five Steps To Nailing Business SEO

The Five Steps To Nailing Business SEO

July 1, 2015 Blogging Branding Location Marketing Quick Marketing Tips SEO Social Media 0

Countless businesses around the world are aiming at increasing their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through various means, both organically and purchased. With so many ways to increase SEO, how does a business owner new to the SEO game know which routes to choose? Here is a simple 5 step process for nailing your business’ SEO, with a few organic ways you may not have thought about…

Step 1: Your Business’ Official Store locator

Consider the foundation of your business’ current local SEO strategy, until recently this was often an afterthought for most companies. Use current trends for your location’s page with responsive design, Integrated with social media and SEO search capability. Each page should always reflect the individual store and its associated community, even when a company has multiple locations.

Step 2: The Location Data Ecosystem

The store locator should hold the “Location data of record.” Meaning that the latitude and longitude geocodes should be manually entered. All third party pages should be linked back to locator page. Location data should be syndicated to Google, Facebook, foursquare, Bing and other directories on a regular basis.

Step 3: Busienss Social Media Optimization

You can have such an amazing product or service that everyone is talking about it, the best way to get them talking is through social media. Put energy into social media like yelp, Twitter and Facebook. They can make a world of difference to your brand before a potential customer ever set foot in your store. Social media has recently become a big factor in local search results which is why Google algorithms now pick up likes, comments, shares, reviews and ratings to assess relevance and popularity of a location across the entire local ecosystem. Each one is a unique convert for google algorithms.

Step 4: Your Business Reputation Management

Consumer reviews are a double edge sword, but can’t be ignored. Popular local channels for reputation management include Facebook yelp and Google+. Multiple location brands need those channels sorted in real time by national, regional and store level. The most popular local channels being, Facebook, Yelp, and Google+, in that order. Engagement is an important part of reputation management, it can be a common response to a negative review or even a simple “thank you” to show a good review to show they are listening. Managing reviews will increase your engagement and the research results of a brand. Since highly satisfied customers are less motivated then unsatisfied customers to leave a review, actively encouraged your store’s best customers to leave reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google+.

Step 5: Business Online Advertising

Once in a place, brands can boost results through paid media on Google+ and Facebook. Google offers a reactive approach to advertising, increasing your store’s exposure their search results. Conversely, the Facebook news feed is a proactive approach to advertising. Also offering local awareness objectives that are unique ad based on an individual store’s specific location. Facebook has also added Account extras, to drive foot traffic to the store’s location through a customizable “get directions” call to action.

Amongst the biggest mistakes businesses make, is not budgeting for proper exposure or choosing a location based on your neighbors’ foot traffic. Your neighbor’s customers aren’t necessarily your ideal customers! There are countless ways that you can improve your store’s location exposure, many of these options being extremely simple things that you can even do today. Exposure is an example of a situation where its numbers little things truly add up to increase the value of the store location as a business. For more information on your business’ SEO, please feel free to contact me.