How Myers Briggs Highlights The Importance of Customer Service in Retail!

How Myers Briggs Highlights The Importance of Customer Service in Retail!

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Myers Briggs is a personality type assessment that businesses like Disney and General Motors have used for decades with their employees. Myers Briggs was created by a mother daughter duo, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, who developed the assessment based off of Karl Jung’s psychology. What makes Myers Briggs so incredible is all of the uses that you can come up with, especially in business…


What is the Myers Briggs Type Assessment?

Myers Briggs is a personality type assessment that sorts people into 16 different personality types. Each one based on specific traits and inborn preferences of the individuals. This isn’t a personality test, as there are no wrong answers. It is, but rather a way of discovering an  individual’s way of delivering and receiving information as they participate in the world.

There are 4 dichotomies that are involved in discovering a Myers Briggs personality type. Introverted or extroverted is where an individual gets their energy. Does being social and engaging in conversation increase their energy? Or does spending time alone, relaxing and reflecting on thought increase their energy? Sensing and intuition describes how the individual gathers information, is it more task specific or big picture and future projections?

Then there are thinking and feeling, which is how someone makes a decision. Is the decision made objectively or subjectively toward those involved? Of course, last but not least is judging versus perceiving. These two describe how a person relates to the external world, with one of the most obvious differences being their time management. The Myers Briggs’ focuses on nature rather than nurture and sometimes this can show in an individual’s results, which is why it is important to receive the Myers Briggs assessment from an MBTI Certified Practitioner for accurate results.

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How can Myers Briggs improve customer service?

One of the most important parts of the Myers Briggs revolution, is that it’s about personal preferences. How an individual prefers to communicate and interact with the outside world. In a world where knowledge is power, this information can help your business ensure that it gives each potential customer the best experience possible.

Myers Briggs can help your employees learn to pick up subtle characteristics when interacting with customers that can help them determine if they are introverted or extroverted. For introverts, they prefer written or light information up front, then time to reflect internally on it. While extroverts would rather just talk, talk, talk it out as they go. For an introverted customer in a retail environment, over-assertive sales employees can be incredibly overwhelming and sometimes even a turn off to the store experience.

Teach your employees when to give a customer space and when to engage in the detailed conversation. Sensing customers are going to be focused on the details, often already having several questions readily available on the product they are looking to purchase. Initiatives, however, are focused on the big picture behind the product and are often incredibly excited about their purchases. Between those 2 dichotomies alone, you can tell how different customers really are. Each one is also experiencing their store visit through a unique lens based on their Myers Briggs personality type. Take the time to teach your employees to cater to your customers’ needs and give them an experience they will continue to come back for, regardless of their personality type!


How to incorporate Myers Briggs into your business.

As an MBTI certified practitioner, I have had helped business’ improve their customer service, as well as employee cohesion through Myers Briggs. This done through first a class, often only one to two hours, this class helps each employee discover their own personality type, as well as their coworkers. This is a great way to also create team bonding amongst your staff, with games and activities to help them identify what their coworkers prefer. Which can lead to many surprises and realizations among a company’s employees!

I remember a particular class I taught and I had split the personality types into four groups, each reading out loud their characteristics. When all of a sudden one girl in another group yells, “Really? I thought that you were always just mad at me!” It turns out she thought one of her coworkers had been mad at her for months, when in reality they just weren’t communicating with each other the best. Communication is vital in any company, especially amongst employees, giving your company that advantage will pay off in more than just customer service. Once the employees really start realizing the differences and how to pick up on them, it’s time to take what they learned into real customer interactions. These are still only a few  of the countless ways that  Myers Briggs can make a difference in businesses.

Taking advantage of Myers Briggs in your business can increase the amount of relational customers that you attract, as well as truly giving the best customer service possible for your patrons! To set up Myers Briggs Customer Service training for your business, please feel free to contact me!


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