3 Reasons Your Business Location Matters!

3 Reasons Your Business Location Matters!

May 11, 2015 Branding Quick Marketing Tips 0


Everyone says it, “Location, location, location”, but why is it location that matters so much? Regardless of what industry your business is in it is the location of your company is very important to your business’ success. This makes perfect sense for companies who sell specific products, but it is also relevant to service companies as well!  Here are 3 of the many reasons that the location of your business matters…


A great location and sign can give the same results as a billboard!

Have a location that is visible from major roads and intersections is an incredibly valuable advantage for any business. This means that during high traffic hours you will get maximum storefront exposure. With a quality sign that is clearly visible you can easily get the same results as a prime billboard. This is an incredible benefit for branding your small business and getting the exposure you need in front of your target market! Prime real estate can be a little more expensive, however from a marketing standpoint, it can really boost your branding.

Easy access can make all of the difference in attracting customers.

We live in a world of instant gratification, which often includes the ease of purchase for many customers. How easy your business is to get to can make or break a visit from potential customers, especially if your location is difficult to find. Many customers would consider this part of the “customer experience,” the basis in which they judge their opinion of your business’ customer service. If they aren’t satisfied, then the odds of them purchasing from your business again decrease significantly. The easier it is to get to, the more drive-by traffic you will receive simply because they noticed you based on location.

Your location needs to be near your target market.

Your target market is the ideal potential customers for purchasing your product based on your marketing research. These are the people that your marketing campaigns should be aimed at reaching. They are the most likely to initially purchase and then continue over time based on trust. Attracting these relational customers depends a lot on location, where you are relative to them can be the difference between business growth and a lack thereof. Know where your target market is, marketing research is vital to success when starting a business or opening a new location.

Location is more than just an “X” to place on the map, it can be a marketing advantage that makes all the difference for your small business! Contact me for more information why your small business location in vital to your small business success!


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