How Telling Your Business Story Attracts Relational Customers!

How Telling Your Business Story Attracts Relational Customers!

April 28, 2015 Branding Quick Marketing Tips 0

Through many studies, psychology has shown that companies who tell their story through branding have an advantage in attracting relational customers. Relational customers are the type of customers that businesses want to attract, they are brand loyal and will continue to purchase from your company over time based on trust. Here is how you can use your  story to attract loyal relational customers to your small business.


Character branding is a great way to tell your business story!

Thanks to psychological studies done in the entertainment industry, we know that the human mind cannot differentiate between their favorite television character and their best friend. This is why in certain scenes people have such strong emotions toward characters that have grown to like. This is great information for anyone who gets a little teary-eyed in movies, but there’s actually a business advantage to it too. In fact, this phenomenon can be used in marketing to attract and maintain relational customers.

Creating a character voice to use in branding is quite an adventure, at Wizard of Ads we use a similar method to how Hollywood creates their movie characters. Giving them in depth personalities and occasionally some fun personality traits to help customers relate to them. These include certain values, humor and other characteristics that allow them to interact with your target audience. This character can be based off and “played” by the small business owner, it can also be an animated graphic or an employee in the business. Check out the video below to see some great character branding at Morris Jenkins in Charlotte, North Carolina who uses two characters, the business owner Morris Jenkins and his technician Bobby ….

Where can your business use character branding?

Character branding isn’t restricted to a specific type of media for advertising; it can be used in print, radio and even television ads. As well as your own website and social media, through the “voice” your company uses in the content! Print advertising is mainly visual, so adding your character would be through a picture and correlating text content. Since radio ads are all audio, branding a specific voice (whether it is yours or a professional actor) along with the personality and writing style behind the script is vital. You’d be surprised at how easily recognizable voices become, just like you can recognize bands based off the sound of the singer. Television ads give you the opportunity to use both visual and audio, making any company incredibly memorable as a brand with the right ads.

Social medias are also a great platform for character branding. An easy way to incorporate your character  is to let it “host” your company social medias; replying to followers, posting, and liking in your business’ character. This is a great way to get your business exposure on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Instagram. Since these are more text content based, the “voice” and style of the character is very important. Make sure your unique character is engaging and relating to your target audience through the posts!

Consistency is always key to character branding success!

The best results are usually amongst businesses who utilize character branding with several media outlets. Choose a few and start incorporating your character and their style into the writing, script, pictures or video included. Regardless of the outlet, the consistency of the character needs to be a priority. The more consistent your character is overall and across your media outlets the stronger your character branding will be. Slogans, catch phrases, poses, attitude and countless other qualities can be branded through your company’s character. Ultimately making your business more recognizable in your community.

Character branding is an incredible way to truly build lasting relationships with your customers. If you’re interested in more information on character branding and how your small business can use it to their advantage feel free to contact me!


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