3 New Twitter Updates Your Business Should Be Aware Of!

3 New Twitter Updates Your Business Should Be Aware Of!

April 23, 2015 Quick Marketing Tips Social Media Twitter 0

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Twitter is by far one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 284 million active users. It is also picking up amongst businesses across the world as a way for them to reach potential customers! So when Twitter decided to come out with 3 new feature updates this month, the ones who should really be taking notice are the businesses. With technology moving at such a rapid pace, it is vital for businesses to stay with the times to take advantage of reaching their ideal audience in the format that they prefer…Twitter. So here are the new updates to Twitter and how you can use them to your business’ advantage.


Retweets on Twitter now allow comments!

This is definitely the update that I am most excited about, as I am sure many Twitter users agree. Before on a desktop you would have to tweet other users without being able to “quote” the tweet you were responding to. The only real option you had was to direct tweet your response back or to copy the content from their tweet to add your own spin on it. This just makes tweeting a little harder than it needs to be. Now the mobile application allowed for “quoting” but in a very simple difficult to read format.


Thankfully due to new updates this is no longer the case, as you can now retweet with comments that  quotes the tweet so there is never any confusion as to what you are responding to. Making communication through twitter incredibly more convenient. For businesses on Twitter this is an easy way to engage all of your followers more, as it becomes a tweet everyone can understand as opposed to just the person your response is to. This visualization of your communication with other followers might be exactly what you need to boost your engagement! The best part of this new function is that you no longer have to map out  how you can add your spin to the retweet with such limited space. Since you are now simply quoting the tweet, you are given an ample amount of characters to respond with! Here is how the new twitter comments appear in retweets…

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.01.47 AM

Direct Messaging is now allowed on Twitter  without following!

This update may make some people in marketing and public relations a little nervous, as now Twitter is allowing users to Direct Message each other without the two-way follow previously needed before. Before this update users could only Direct Message one another only if they were both following each other. This ideally safeguarded many businesses from receiving mass messages, whether good or bad.

Twitter’s newest update means anyone can Direct Message anyone else, regardless of who is following who. Luckily for a lot of celebrities and many businesses around the world, Twitter has given you the option to disable the Direct Messaging so that you don’t have to worry about it. However, the Direct Messaging can be a good thing, especially for businesses. One of the biggest fears of Direct Messaging amongst small business is that they will receive unsatisfied messages from customers. Although wouldn’t you rather receive those private, as opposed to publicly for all your followers to see? I think that this update can be an advantage more than anything else, giving your customers the option to contact you through Twitter directly. Ultimately giving your followers more transparent access to your business, which will in turn build trust amongst your relational customers.

Abuse Policies have finally been updated on Twitter!

The newest of these updates is to the Twitter Abuse Policies, in order to keep the users of their app safe. Let’s be honest, we all know that Twitter tends to be the top social media for trolls, who often end up harassing other users in pretty harsh ways. Twitter has been trying to find a way to protect its users from harassment, while still preserving the platform for freedom of speech. Individuals aren’t the only ones who troll harass on Twitter, in fact, there are numerous businesses that have suffered from uncalled for Twitter abuse.

This new Abuse Policy covers direct and specific threats, just as the previous policy did. The difference? The new policy also covers threats of violence against others or promoting violence against others as well. Twitter has also made additions on their customer service side in order to ensure that the abuse is handled appropriately. These new additions include the capacity for customer service to lock an abuse offender’s account for a pre-defined time period, individuals can be asked for extra contact information, certain actions are now officially prohibited, and also users can be asked to delete certain tweest before being allowed access back to Twitter. Over all these Abuse Policy changes will only make Twitter a safer place to conduct business and build relationships with your loyal customers.

The social media world is changing at such a fast pace, it is important for businesses to stay in the loop on the newest updates. Social medias are an easy way to reach your potential customers, so take advantage of it. For more tips on using Twitter and other social medias feel free to contact me!


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