It Is All About The Hashtags!

It Is All About The Hashtags!

April 21, 2015 Branding Facebook Insagram Quick Marketing Tips Social Media Twitter 0

All About The Hashtag

Hashtagging, much like most evolutionary concepts, is both loved and hated by many. In fact some people see hashtagging as a nuisance brought on by the younger generations! However, I beg every business owner to avoid falling into this misconception. Yes, there are annoying teens who hashtag everything, but that might not be such a bad thing after all! Here are several reasons why your business should be hastagging too!


Hashtags make each of your tweets searchable on Twitter!

Twitter keeps track of it’s tweets using hashtags, so each time a user searches a topic it has the ability to pull up relevant tweets! Twitter now actually searches the entire tweet, not just the hashtags, to ensure the most relevant posts are shown in results. Although the results that feature hashtags naturally display first, so don’t be afraid to drop a few in each tweet. The idea is to be relevant, yet Twitter is a current content based social media. Meaning that the most recent tweets are what always display at the top of your feed, this leaves hashtags as the only way to reach specific target audiences outside of your followers.


Hashtags become instant archives for your tweets!

Since tweets are present on twitter for ever, so are all of your hashtags! Which make your tweets instantly archived from the moment you pressed send. The best way to take advantage of this is to choose a hashtag or two that you use on a consistent basis, this is best way to create an online archive. Giving followers who like what you post, the opportunity to use your hashtags to find related tweets. This is also how one achieves virality through their posts, with enough friction on Twitter your posts could go viral, instantly skyrocketing your business’ web presence!


Each hashtag you post is similar to throwing out a new fishing line!

The more of these lines that you throw out, the higher your odds of catching potential customers are. Google and other search engines can now pick up hashtags in their search results, which means if you continuously throw out enough lines it can make a significant difference on your small business’ web presence. The more hashtags you put out the more people will consciously and unconsciously stumble upon your business online. Cross-platform posting is an easy way to increase your hashtags online without writing a ton of extra posts, through extending the audience each post reaches.


Twitter isn’t the only social media hashtagging!

Twitter may have been credited for “inventing” hashtags and the functionality, however they aren’t the only social media using them. In fact social medias such as Vine and Instagram have been using hashtags for years. While social medias like Facebook are just now jumping on board. The more social medias that incorporate hashtags, the more benefits for businesses who take advantage of adding them to their posts. Providing your company with more opportunities to expand it’s target audience online!


See, hashtagging isn’t just an annoying habit of technology obsessed teens! It can be an incredibly beneficial marketing and branding tool for business who choose to take advantage of it. Contact me for more information on hashtagging and how your company can take successfully implement social medias in your marketing.


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