3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging!

3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging!

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3 reasons your business should be blogging

There are three main reasons why you should be blogging on your website, yet the benefits to blogging are a longer list than that. In my opinion, any business with the goal of growth in any form should be blogging. It is important for companies to keep up with technology and social trends. Business blogging is currently one of these trends that businesses need to adopt quickly. Here are three reasons your business should be blogging!


Blogging is an easy way to engaging your target audience!

Engaging your audience through resourceful information is one of the more obvious uses for a blog. This will actually accomplish multiple things with a properly managed blog. It demonstrates to your customers and potential customers that you are sharing this information because you care about them, which builds trust. Many blogs formats enable your readers to comment and “like”on  your posts. By taking advantage of posting your posts cross-channel on your Social Media outlets you can bring more engagement as well. You can analyze the number of comments, likes and shares across all of your blog post distribution platforms to determine the amount of engagement you have received. Most website and blog platforms allow you to use analytical software to track where your audience comes from and where on your site that they visit.

Hint: Don’t limit yourself with only a blog, be sure that you are cross-channel posting your blog pots to your Social Media platforms as well!

Blogs are a quick way to achieve continuous content flow!

Which is incredibly important for your company’s web presence, which is yet another reason why blogs are incredibly useful. Blogs offer your website continuous content flow, cross-channel posting to Social Media platforms will increase your content flow even more. This is extremely important because Google and other search engines use algorithms to decide the order that results show in up on a search. In this content race, everyone is fighting to be at the top. Do you know what Google is searching for in their top results? A good website, original website copy and most importantly continuous content flow. The location of where you end up amongst Google search engine results throughout your blogging journey will give you an accurate analytical view of potential and also a unique scale to grade your growth by.

Hint: This is the exact reason that tagging (just like hashtagging on Social Media) your blog posts is important, it leaves keywords (aka digital bread crumbs) for Google to find ultimately adding to your search engine results!

Subscriptions are the secret to true blogging success!

 In fact, subscriptions are how entrepreneurs analyze the success of their own blogs. If you are blogging without accepting subscriptions, you in a way wasting your time. For the people who like what they are reading, give them the opportunity to subscribe (most blogging and website platforms offer this) to receive emails about important news and blog posts. You must remember that with private information comes great responsibility, avoid becoming junk mail. Keep the emails simple and to a minimum. So when you need subscribers to read the important posts on your blog, you can email them to ensure they know it’s been published. Subscriptions give you the advantage of engaging people who are truly keeping up with your business through one-to-one email contact. The more subscribers you accumulate the more successful you are at actively engaging and maintaining your audience.


Hint: This is the best way to stay in contact with your loyal relational customers, if properly used it can be an irreplaceable advantage for your business!


Don’t blog just because, ensure that you are taking advantage of strategic opportunities your blog makes available to you. Engage your audience, cross-channel post, and don’t forget to aske people to subscribe! Contact me for more information and ideas on how you can analyze the success of your own blog.


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