Business Tips For Instagram Posts!

Business Tips For Instagram Posts!

April 8, 2015 Insagram Quick Marketing Tips Social Media 0


Instagram is a very popular application amongst Millennials, as well as younger generations.  It is a great way to reach these audiences if they are part of your target market. Instagram is a recent post based social media, with popular post suggestions for users. Here are a few tips on using Instagram as one of your business’ social media platforms.

Take advantage of location features for posts.

Instagram allows you to post pictures or videos with the capacity to mark your location. This can be a great way to bring awareness to your company and store front location. It can also be used to track what people are posting about your company, giving you the opportunity to search posts by tagged locations.

Hashtags have the power to take you viral!

Do you ever wonder how popular posts get so… popular?  Honestly, most of them are taking advantage of strategically adding hashtags to each post. How does it work? The hashtags act as almost a call number. When a user searches a topic, Instagram pulls up posts that include that topic as a hashtag. Relevant hashtags are the key to vitality.

Be aware of how much you post!

Each social media has a different standard for the appropriate number of posts per week. On Instagram if you over post, you run the risk of losing followers. The best results usually come from 3-4 posts per week, for businesses this is typically Monday through Friday. Early afternoon and evening tend to be the most popular time for Instagram post trending. The best way to decide when to post is by figuring out when your target audience is actively using Instagram!

Connect other social media a for cross-platform posting!

Instagram allows you to connect your other social media accounts, for seamless cross-platform posting. This can be an easy way to accumulate followers on multiple platforms. As well as giving your followers easy access to your other accounts. This can also be hooked up to stream cross-platform posts on to your website as well, increasing your online networking. 

Instagram instantaneously became a staple application for most Millennials’ smart phones, giving businesses an awesome platform to reach them! Contact us for more information on how your business can use Instagram as your social media platform.


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