Business Tips For Posts On Twitter!

Business Tips For Posts On Twitter!

March 11, 2015 Quick Marketing Tips Social Media Twitter 0

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Twitter has exploded since it’s release in the mid-2000’s, ranking as one of the top social media a in the world. Currently holding the highest virality rate online. Twitter has over 271 million active monthly users with over 500 million tweets per day, it’s no wonder it is so highly ranked amongst its competing social media platforms. Here are a few tips on how you can take advantage of using Twitter as one of your social media outlets.

Twitter has the highest virality  rate online!

With the amount of users and the ease at which posts trend, it is no surprise how achievable virality is. With the ease of sharing and the hashtag system set up, Twitter is literally designed to have consistent viral content trending. Giving users the ability to not only search but also follow specific topics and users, increasing the ease of virality for posts.

It is literally all an the hashtags!

Hashtags on Twitter, much like Instagram, are what the application uses to search and trending topics. Making them a powerful source for accumulating followers and trending amongst similar posts. With limited characters, most hashtags are incorporated right into the post copy. That is the most efficient way to ensure you always fit a few hashtags in. Be sure to hashtag relevant information to your business and your ideal audience. Short and simple is always the best way to go, especially when you get no “spaces” in hashtags. 

Always mind your characters!

Twitter has a strict limit of only 140 characters per post, or only 117 with attached pictures. This means each word needs to be planned out and deliberately, forcing you to stick to the point! Keep them short and sweet, allowing ample space for media and hashtags to compliment your post. There are ways to also shorten links so that they take up less characters in your tweets!

Don’t be afraid to get social!

The best engagement on Twitter is through interaction between other users. Twitter is designed to be an open platform, with the majority of activity taking place publicly. Meaning the more social you are, the more response and engagement you get. Tweet people and other businesses relevant information then watch your engagement increase! Tweet in character for your company and use techniques like humor if appropriate to engage more potential customers.

Twitter is a wonderful platform for accumulating and engaging new followers! Contact us for more  tips on using Twitter as your business’ social media platform.


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