Blog Is The New Fresh!

Blog Is The New Fresh!

February 11, 2015 Blogging Quick Marketing Tips 0


Why should we all blog?

To keep ourselves and our site relevant, of course! The world is ever changing around us with the new advances in technology every day… but so is the Internet! Google has even caught onto the ever changing status of the web and has reacted accordingly. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that Google is a current Master  of Change for the 21st century! They change their fame “Google Algorithms” about 500 to 600 times per year… just think about that for a second. That means they’re changing their algorithms on average 1.6 point six times per day! So in other words Search Engine results vary… a lot!


So what exactly is the “Google Algorithm”?

Technically in the algorithm is literally a software program that searches using keywords through data to find relevant information. So the “Google Algorithms” is what runs Google’s Search Engine based on correlating words and websites. Google claims their current algorithms sort through over 200 unique signals to come up with the best results for what you’re searching for. These include things such as a term on your website, the freshness of your content, and your location.

So why do they have to change it so often? Two simple reasons, technology and relevance. Technology is rapidly accelerating, meaning that there were people with the skills and technological resources to crack earlier algorithms and ultimately rigged the rankings. Google’s solution? The ever-changing algorithm, but why? Relevance! They want to stay relevant just as we all do, if they were rigged what would be the point? So as a marketer, I actually love the famed Google Algorithms… Because I know how to use them to my advantage.


How to properly take advantage of Google algorithms  is simple, stay relevant!

Don’t fall into the ease of cookie-cutter” websites! Have you ever done a thorough search for something over the span several websites, but for some reason all the websites look similar and said essentially the exact same thing? Odds are, these are “cookie-cutter” websites. These are usually done by what I call “Big Advertising,” which are large factory-style website providers. They’re often more concerned with the quantity, not quality of their website production, “How many sites can I produce with minimal effort?”

Using them for the website structure isn’t bad, however “copy and paste” style website content can be detrimental to your search engine results! You never want your website to say the same thing as your competitors. You want to stand out, to be different… Google wants you to be too! So how do we maintain fresh new web content, on the regular basis? Blogging! Which is honestly the easiest way to stay relevant while also building relational customers, creating professional credibility, and sharing knowledge about your company. Your blog posts don’t have to be long or packed to the brim full of information, they can be simple. The point of a blog is staying relevant, sharing your information and contact with your customers. So it looks like the real question is… why don’t you blog?


Google algorithms change on the daily, so fresh content is necessary and blogging is easily the most efficient way to accomplish your best results! Contact us today for more information on how blogging can increase your search engine results!


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