Give A Little, Get A Lot!

Give A Little, Get A Lot!

January 1, 2015 Customer Service Quick Marketing Tips 0


Everyone wants to be a desired brand, they want people to buy their services or products. Then they wanted them to continually buying from them! Isn’t that usually the plan for most small businesses? I would surely hope so. Most companies have that desire, but do they remember to give a little? Before you get all upset about being asked to give a little, realize that I’m not asking you to give away coupons and discounts. In fact, you can if you want to, but it is certainly not necessary. What you do need to do, is to show a little gratitude. I’ll give you an example about how I became a relational customer through a company’s sign of gratitude.


Gratitude makes your customers feel loved.

I used to “Screen Shop” (like window shopping online) for clothes that I really wanted, I was usually searching for something unique. I found a website that promotes small online brands with clever designs. I loved all of the stores that they promoted! There was one in particular that I really liked, ultimately swaying my decision to spend my money with them.

I was surprised with how reasonable their prices were, as well as their vast selection of shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, bumper stickers, and posters. Three days go by and my package arrived in a black plastic envelope with their logo in white. Inside I was shocked to find not only what I had ordered, but also a bumper sticker, four pins and a handwritten “Thank You” card. Nothing crazy, just a simple “Thank You” for your support and a John Hancock, but I’ll admit it was impressive. They took the time to say thank you by hand. You never see that anymore.


Gratitude is an easy way to create relational customers.

So this past year when I was stuck trying to figure out a tricky Christmas gift, then I remembered this company I had purchased form before. Four years after my first purchase with them, I knew exactly where I was going to purchase these gifts. After I pressed send on my order, I thought about how excited I was to support their business and how great their gratitude was towards her customers. I wondered if they had kept up with the handwritten notes and gifts. How great idea that was for their customer relations and branding, especially the way it put them in a positive light! On December 20, just in time (with a speedy delivery too) my package arrived with my order, a bumper sticker, 4 pens and a handwritten “Thank You” card.


Gratitude makes all the difference!

It doesn’t take much, you don’t even need to add in a free bumper sticker, a pen or even with the coupon. What made the biggest difference for me, was the fact that they took the time to hand write a “Thank You” note. They were real people doing what they love and they they weren’t afraid to be grateful for each customer. Let’s all give a little this year, even if it’s just a personal thank you, it can win you some long-term relational customers! So what are you going to do to give a little gratitude to your customers?


Your customers that you care is important, it strengthens the relationship that you have cultivated with each and everyone. Contact us for more information on how you can use gratitude to create relational customers!


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