Conquer Your Market One Customer At A Time!

Conquer Your Market One Customer At A Time!

April 16, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Marketing is more than just a message, it is extremely important to your company’s growth and success.

You need to reach the right audience with enough frequency! How do you do this and get your message out? Through a quality Strategic Marketing Plan that you can use  to dominate your local market. Where does this plan start? It starts with your business, you want to differentiate yourself from your competition. The best way to do this is to tell your business’ unique one-of-a-kind story. How do you do that? Through your website, marketing campaigns, business and customer service. Let me do the storytelling for you and you just…do you!

Who are you trying to reach?

There are different kinds of customers, transactional and relational. Transactional customers only care about a single transaction and always purchase the option with the lowest price. They will never be loyal to any particular company, just always chasing the next big discount. Relational customers are loyal and continue to buy once they trust your company. These are the customers that you want, the ones who have the potential to be retained. With a good marketing strategy, strong branding message, and great customer service…there’s no reason you can’t attract the right relational customers to you!

Are you using the right media outlets?

There are a variety of media outlets you can use to market your business. Some are more expensive than others, but there are options for every budget. Some companies have the capacity to buy premium television and radio spots. These aren’t necessary for every business’ Strategic Marketing Plan. Some industries do well with direct mailing, billboards and other unique marketing outlets. With technology and creativity advancing every day, there are constantly new opportunities for getting your business in front of the right audience! What outlets do you use?

Are you ready to grow significantly?

If you ready to grow your business by increasing the number of relational customers that you retain, you need a great Strategic Marketing Plan. The Wizard of Ads have a variety of amazing partners who can be used to create your business’ marketing dream team. With a great message and the right marketing outlets, your growth potential is beyond even your wildest belief! Contact us so we can put together your business’ custom marketing dream team!